Building Futures

At Lee Lewis Construction, we've helped forge futures for generations of families. We offer a path to a fulfilling career supported by a competitive benefits package. Let's build projects and futures together.

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Constructing Futures. Building Dreams.

At Lee Lewis Construction, our company culture is built on mutual respect and empowerment. We promote a culture of a small, family-owned business with the resources and experience of a large corporation. We offer fulfilling careers supported by a robust benefits package, including vacation, holiday pay, sick leave, health and life insurance, a 401K plan, and LiveWell® benefits.



Paid Time Off

Founded upon family values that remain in place today, LLCI recognizes the importance of time away from work and understands that life happens. We offer paid time off, sick leave, and holidays away.


Vehicle Incentive

LLCI offers take-home vehicles for qualifying employees. A company vehicle includes a gas card, a toll tag (if needed), and free car washes.


Competitive Bonuses

LLCI values it's employees' hard work. To show our appreciation, we offer the potential to receive competitive bonuses.


Health + Life Insurance

LLCI's health + life insurance benefit offers health insurance not only for our employees but also for their families.



LLCI stands by its commitment to helping our employees build their future. That's why we offer a robust 401K program that gives you peace of mind for your future.



LLCI’s unwavering commitment to our team results in additional optional benefits through the LiveWell program. This includes health and nutrition programs, telemedicine, additional life insurance, and injury and illness coverage.