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Explore how our commitment to innovation and excellence defines our services and craft not just buildings but lasting partnerships.

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. works closely with each client to build strong working relationships with the best people from various industries, facilitating more effective communication and collaboration.

Services for Your Success

Our unique balance of planning, efficiency, teamwork, and quality enables us to deliver superior projects. We bring together experts in various fields and establish a prominent level of trust to successfully complete high-quality projects for thousands of clients across the nation. In addition to new and renovated structures, we offer a variety of added value services before, during, and after construction to ensure each client is getting the best engineering, quality, and architectural integrity. At Lee Lewis Construction, Inc., we don’t just build structures, we build long-lasting relationships. Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. offers our clients the following services: Preconstruction, Construction, Virtual Design & Construction, Integrated Data Turnover, Post Construction & Warranty



Virtual Design & Construction

Integrated Data Turnover

Post Construction & Warranty

pre construction



Preconstruction: The foundation of project success is established long before the groundbreaking. 

Successfully delivering a project requires efficient execution in the field, but it also requires a collaborative approach and strategic planning with a strong preconstruction team. This helps to avoid unexpected issues and ensures that the project is completed within the set budget and timeline. A well-crafted game plan outlining the tasks to be done and who will be responsible is a crucial element. Collaboration is key. Our preconstruction team works together with the owner and design team to make informed decisions early in the process, providing the best value in the supply chain and minimizing any surprises. 

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc.’s Preconstruction services include: 

  • Professional level of collaboration with owner and architect 
  • Eliminate surprises of cost and schedule 
  • Accurate quantity takeoffs and up-to-date pricing 
  • Tracking cost through each design phase 
  • Input of rising costs and delivery times of equipment and materials 
  • Constructability reviews 
  • Input of value design and cost-effective alternatives 
  • Implement site logistics planning 
  • Qualification of subcontractors 
  • Bidding and procurement 
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Construction: We can manage your project from start to finish. 

When you hire Lee Lewis Construction, Inc., you can rest assured we’ll lead every aspect of your build — from well before groundbreaking until long after the ribbon-cutting. 

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. has delivered thousands of projects coast to coast on time and on budget. Through the years, we’ve proven ourselves to be a reliable partner, serving a full range of new and repeat clients including Walt Disney World, McLane Corporation, Texas Tech University, UMC Health System, and multiple school districts and municipalities across the state. Our portfolio spans various sectors, including K-12 and higher education, healthcare facilities, municipal facilities, sports facilities, performing arts centers, retail and hospitality spaces, religious buildings, recreational and aquatic areas, and. 

Through our experience, we’ve developed a vast network of partners and relationships to form an expert project team, intentionally selected specifically for every job. Each team member is carefully selected to ensure they have the skills and experience relevant to your specific project. At Lee Lewis Construction, Inc., we believe that our people are our greatest asset, which is what sets us apart. By working efficiently and in collaboration with you, our expert team will introduce innovative solutions to the design and construction process, which will ultimately save you both time and money.


Virtual Design & Construction


Virtual Design & Construction: Better construction, better value. 

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. utilizes Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes to generate more digital models of our projects. These digital models are evaluated even before the construction work starts, which helps our project teams enhance the way a building is constructed. This advanced technology provides ample opportunities to improve the construction process throughout the project's lifespan. 

LLCI utilizes numerous reality capture tools, including drones, 360-degree cameras, and LiDAR scanning equipment, to assist in the constructability, investigation, documentation, and data transfer throughout all phases of construction. This diversified suite of technologies is not meant to take the place of our valuable personnel and human interaction, but rather, produce precise as-built surveys of existing structures, which allows our owners to maintain a timeless record of reality-based as-builts with true photographic and digital representations of existing conditions, which allows us to maximize return on investment for our owners by allowing our people to provide the highest level of investigation, quality control, and documentation throughout your project. 

During the close-out and post construction phases, our reality capture tools facilitate precise as-built surveys of existing structures. This allows our owners to maintain a timeless record of reality-based as-builts with true photographic and digital representations of existing conditions. 

Virtual Construction Management technology improves our process by facilitating proactive problem-solving and promoting an accurate understanding of site conditions and design visualization. With our virtual models, we collaborate with designers, engineers, and subcontractors to build a high-quality project with cost and risk-reducing solutions that are faster, safer, and more efficient. 


Integrated Data Turnover


Integrated Data Handover: Closeout done right. 

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. provides a Closeout Program to ensure the timely completion of all remaining construction tasks and submission of all closeout documents in line with construction documents and the Owner's requests. We use an integrated data turnover platform to synchronize the closeout data with our project management software for easy access to Owner and Architect project records. 


Post Construction & Warranty


Post Construction: Proactive solutions. 

As a part of our post construction services, we believe that service after the fact is just as important as the original construction experience in ensuring customer satisfaction. One of the crucial elements of our post-construction service is tracking and responding to any warranty issues that may arise on your project. Whether you face a problem five weeks or five years after completion, Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. will be there to assist and resolve the issue promptly. 

Our dedication to warranty support is a pivotal aspect of the service we extend to our clients. Our systematic approach to identifying and remedying warranty-related matters provides our clients with a profound sense of assurance. They can rest easy knowing that we will be readily available to promptly resolve any post-construction issues that may arise. This level of dedicated aftercare underscores our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and long-term project success. 

A Legacy of Awards and Recognition

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. boasts rankings in the ENR Top 400 since 1984 and awards like AIA Dallas Contractor of the Year and the TEXO Distinguished Building Award. These honors, alongside TASA-TASB and AIA Lubbock accolades, highlight our dedication to construction excellence and innovation.
2021 ENR Rank

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #1 Educational Contractor

2022 #1 Educational Builder

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #1 Educational Contractor

2023 Top 400-1-1

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #192

2023 #1 Educational Builder-1

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #1 Educational Contractor

2022 Top 400-1-1

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #164

2023 ENR Rank-2

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #22

2022 ENR Rank-1

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #25

2021 #1 Educational Builder

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #1 Educational Contractor

2021 Top 400

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. Rank #131

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