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Training & Orientation:

Lee Lewis Construction requires ample orientation and training sessions to ensure all employees are prepared and educated on the safety procedures necessary to maintain a safe job site. 


OSHA & LLCI Requirements:

As per federal law, Lee Lewis Construction meticulously follows all directives and policies set in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Furthermore, LLCI has established further safety protocols beyond OSHA requirements to maintain a safe work environment. 


Pre-planning for High-Risk Activity:

In coordination with a Lee Lewis Construction Safety Director, LLCI conducts meticulous pre-planning for high-risk activities such as job hazard assessments, dig tests, and trenching to ensure job sites are as safe as possible before our employees begin projects. 


Lee Lewis Construction also promotes a "see something, say something" culture. We encourage and empower employees to communicate any discrepancies in safety protocols.