Frisco ISD - Minett Elementary School

Frisco, TX

About the project

Buddy and Joni Minett Elementary School, the 43rd elementary school in Frisco, is a great example of how open and flexible spaces can create an ideal environment for collaboration and active learning. The open floor plan design encourages students to move around freely and independently to various learning pods. These pods are placed around the school and are organized into two houses, connected directly to the central learning commons and adjacent media spaces. The foldable glass walls and intentional furniture design make the environment flexible and adaptable, creating transparency throughout the school, allowing for passive supervision, and learning on display. The glass walls bring in natural light and provide a functional component for teachers to keep an eye on their students. There is also an outdoor learning space used for performances, outdoor learning classes, and even a weather station. Minett Elementary is at the forefront of the movement toward the future of learning in the state.


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83,470 SF
New Construction