Grape Creek ISD - Grape Creek Gymnasium

Grape Creek, TX

About the project

The new Grape Creek Middle School gymnasium building was constructed with a FEMA-level resistance shelter Dome design. This dome building serves two purposes: it is used for school athletic programs and functions as a high-wind, tornado, and emergency shelter for Grape Creek residents. The structure is designed to withstand winds of 140 mph. The gym/tornado shelter was built next to the Middle School and High School and meets University Interscholastic League requirements for hosting athletic events. Inside the dome, there is a basketball and volleyball court, home and visitor bleachers, an exercise room, utility rooms, as well as boys’ and girls’ locker areas and restrooms. Additionally, there is a new concession area inside the structure. The structure itself is a thin-shell concrete dome with brick veneer-sprayed concrete walls and interior construction will consist of non-load-bearing steel stud walls.


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10,619 SF
New Construction