Grape Creek ISD - Grape Creek Elementary School

Grape Creek, TX

About the project

Updates to the decades-old Grape Creek Elementary School were the final phase of the 2018 bond project. The school last received significant improvements in 1983; however, with increasing student enrollment the temporary portable buildings were no longer sufficient. The primary focus was to increase safety and create a better student learning environment now and in the future. Approximately 4,300 SF was added to the front of the facility, which included a new entrance and office, ensuring a safer entry and exit for students, staff, and parents. A new 13,609 SF classroom building was also added. The facility is slab-on-grade, constructed with a steel structure, metal stud walls, and a brick exterior. The interior walls are metal studs with painted drywall and the roof is primarily single-ply PVC. Altogether, 18 classrooms were added through new construction and renovations. The elementary school removed the portable buildings and now operates as a fully enclosed facility with a state-of-the-art fire protection and warning system.


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18,000 SF
Addition and Renovations