Frisco ISD - Lebanon Trail High School

Frisco, TX

About the project

The district’s ninth High School, Lebanon Trail High School sits in the heart of what was once Lebanon, a community that predates Frisco by about 50 years. Lebanon Trail was the final piece of a 10-year, 100-acre masterplan within the district, with a capacity for 2,100 students. The entry features massive arches with the school’s name in cast stone panels created using precisely engineered custom molds. The central area of the high school has large size columns and pilasters that span multiple floors, highlighting the experience and accentuating the design of the building's interior. The high school is a two-story structure, including academic areas as well as spaces for fine arts, a 600-seat auditorium, food service, dining, music facilities, a library, P.E. facilities, athletic facilities, and administration areas. Multi-use, multi-function spaces promote peer-to-peer collaboration and enhance active learning. Site development includes baseball and softball fields for competition, practice fields, covered seating, fans, press boxes, artificial turf fields, and a batting cage building. Also included is an artificial turf football field with a track, tennis courts, a field house, parking, and miscellaneous support facilities, all within walking distance for the students. The school opened in the fall of 2016.  


Awards: Exhibit of School Architecture Stantec  


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384,049 SF
New Construction